Jurassic park: Dinosaur Vs…er…Facebook.

Hello, it’s Sunday which means it’s blog day. Lucky you.

This week, progress on the house has been slow to say the least – the wall paper is still clinging to the walls, millimetre by millimetre, with it’s sticky little papery fingers and the plasterer is coming on Thursday. No pressure Fran.

Since there isn’t a whole lot else I can be doing and I’ve exhausted myself online shopping for bedroom furnishings, I decided to get myself up to date with the social media side of Papilow, with the aim of properly getting my Etsy shop up and running.

As a millennial, in between mouthfuls of avocado toast and moaning about house prices, I am fairly well acquainted with using social media. Facebook arrived around my late teens and was considerably more fun to use than a chemistry revision book (leading to an unbelievably shocking attempt at science), I’ve dabbled in twitter and I generally like to review the twitter-sphere after episodes of Love Island (just when is Marcel getting Blazin’ squad back together?) and I use Instagram, which I have to say, is my preferred choice because it’s just great isn’t it?

Papilow has had an Insta account right from the start and I use it to share pictures of all my makes. It has a slow steady following but the creative community in this corner of the internet is fabulous. There is so much inspiration from hundreds of talented people however, I feel you really need to set aside a little bit of time just to get through it all and show some love to the other makers out there.

Last Thursday I started doing just that, with a cup of tea (milk, no sugar) and with my scrolling finger at the ready I lost myself in a little Instagram hole.

FullSizeRender 15

Once you get into it, it’s hard to stop but I’ve limited myself to a few minutes every hour or so now – there’s no need to be excessive. After this was so easy, and pleasurable I decided to update the Papilow Etsy shop.

Oh lordy. I have three letters for you, S.E.O.


For those of you not familiar, although most of the internet probably is, it stands for Search Engine Optimisation. From my understanding it’s the things that people google and if you have good SEO then your website or page will appear in the search results so people can find you.

But how am I meant to know what people will google? I once spent a couple of hours googling “Song that goes whoo whoo whoo whoo”

No it’s not “Who let the dogs out?”, it’s actually “Real Gone Kid” by Deacon Blue, obviously. This was in the days when to Shazam a song you had to press all the buttons down the middle of of your Nokia 3310 to call it.  So as you can tell, my google skills are on the vague side but I’m having a go nevertheless.

It took the best part of the morning to add some tags to my listings that might get them found and drive some traffic to my site. I have a very strong feeling that my work is not done, although if you’re not googling “Tropical print square cushion with flamingos available in blue or green 100% cotton with a duck feather insert” then maybe you need to adjust your search terms.

Last of all I braved my Facebook page.


I gave up on Facebook ages ago because I had nothing much to say (from the woman writing a blog) and I honestly didn’t miss using it at all. However, needs must and I’ve been told that Facebook is a good way of getting the word out there. I used to use it- how hard could it be?


What has happened to Facebook? Firstly I linked it to my Instagram page, I mean I can’t actually share from Instagram directly to the page but I do get all post comments through my Facebook as well now.

I discovered this  when after finally putting my laptop down, I was driving to the shop only to see my phone fill up with a fair few notifications. “OOOH” thought I.

Looking on my Facebook page I couldn’t see any comments? I refreshed it (I’d obviously stopped driving at this point) but I could see nothing! Silly me, it wasn’t new comments – it was every comment I’d ever received on Instagram previously.

Which genius thought of this I wonder? As if I wasn’t confused enough.

Then, Facebook has all these new buttons. Do I like a page or do I follow it? What’s the difference anyway? I received a notification to tell me someone had “reacted” to my post. Reacted.  What kind of reaction? It turned out to be one of those emoji faces to express their feelings, but I quite liked that.

To be honest it’s probably not as hard as I’m making out  but after calling my long suffering pal Jasmine several times to fix issues that I seem to have created out of nowhere, I was so out of touch, she called me a dinosaur.

I’m only in my twenties. I’m supposed to be great at social media. Yes, my arms are a little on the short side but I’m no T-rex. Saying this, I feel like the internet is such an important tool in trying to grow Papilow into something great that perhaps I need to stop moaning and just get on with it…

There are hundreds of guides out there for this kind of thing I know, but where do I start? Advice is welcome. Please..

Well, I’m off to share this on my Facebook page now and hope for the best, wish me luck!

Until next time  when I’ll be sharing my thrilling adventures with wallpaper removal and plasterers… I bet you can’t wait.


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