Quick Make: Off the wall…

Really I should say “On the wall” but perhaps the title of this blog is a homage to MJ.

Not the actual Michael Jackson (which quite frankly would be completely irrelevant), but the art of ‘Mirror Juggling’,  a necessary task to make way for my latest make – a fancy pants wall hanging!

I know I said Sunday was blog day but I thought I could intersperse with some Quick makes, basically all the little things I have crafted for my new home.

This week it is a rather large wall hanging.


Here’s how you can make it too.

You will need:

  • About 1m of fabric
  • Canvas fabric
  • Pole
  • Rope

Aprox cost: £35, dependent on the material you use. Make time: 2 hours


So this came about because I needed some art for above my bed. I’m putting up some fairly lairy wallpaper but in my head it needs something to contrast it and lift it properly “off the wall” – oh look I shoehorned it in again.

I decided just to make something, that might just work against my wallpaper.

Now my material was one that I designed myself – I painted the leaves in watercolour and through the magic of photoshop I formed it into some kind of pattern.

I then had it printed by the lovely folks at Fashion Formula UK (a great website and if you’re looking for your own designs printed onto just about anything, I highly recommend this one, with it’s reasonable prices and highly efficient customer service, it’s a winner). I chose the print on 100% cotton, because I make all my cushions from this. It’s good quality and the print shows well. You can use whatever material you so choose as long as you like it.

You will need about a metre of fabric depending on how big you want your hanging to be.

My bed is a standard double so the total length of the hanging would be 137cm wide. I needed my fabric to be  just a bit smaller so cut it out at 120cm x 60cm To get a lovely neat edge I folded over each side by 1cm and ironed it in place.

You will then need a large piece of canvas – this is a great material for this craft as it adds so much weight  and gives you a really solid piece.

FullSizeRender 19

I cut this out larger than my cotton fabric to give it a border. I estimated around 5cm at each edge and slightly bigger along the top because you will need to thread a pole through it. My pole was 2.5cm diameter so the canvas has to comfortably fit this size.

As with my fabric I folded the edges around a couple of cm (with about 6cm along the top edge) and ironed. This was tricky because I’m useless at doing anything in a straight line. It’s probably best to measure your seams at each end and the middle to make sure the front of your canvas is the same width all the way along it, you can adjust the width of each part of the seam as you go to straighten it up. This ensures a more professional finish and visitors to your home won’t have to wonder how drunk you were when you made it.

FullSizeRender 18


Next I sewed all the edges down on my canvas piece with a 1.5cm seam allowance. The top edge will depend on how much space you have left for the pole.

I then sewed on the top part of my fabric and crossed all my fingers that it would turn out in a straight line.

FullSizeRender 17

Almost done, I sawed my pole to the right length. You can choose whatever material you like for your pole – most DIY shops will sell a range of metal pipes, which would work or wooden pole things (I thought it was called dowl but a quick google check has cast doubt upon this) – this is what I used.

As I mentioned before I needed it to be 137cm wide so I measured it there and chopped it off. This makes it sound so easy, but having never used a saw before, I’ll spare you the details of what a disaster that was. Nevertheless you can’t really see the rough edge if you stand at a great enough distance.

FullSizeRender 16

Lastly, I tied some rope around the edges of the pole (your pole needs to be a bit longer than the canvas part so it pokes out still and you can attach the rope). The rope was from a DIY store but you can use anything you like – why not try some colourful cord to really funk it up?


And finally it was all done. I was pretty happy with it but I really needed to see it. So I took the mirror off the wall.

It took me 15 seconds to take the mirror off… and 15 minutes to put back up. It is quite a heavy mirror if I’m honest. I do not recommend you attempt this step at home unless you are in fact an expert Mirror Juggler. You will put your back out.

Happy crafting!


3 Replies to “Quick Make: Off the wall…”

  1. I definitely spent a solid 6 seconds trying to make the connection between your title and Michael Jackson haha…then I read the next sentence. Nice wall hanging!


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