Jungle to Jungle

Hello again,

I have found an internet connection! Huzzah!!

As I’m writing this, I’m enveloped in a mass of pillows and blankets (Yes I know it’s the end of August, but it’s not exactly warm is it) and I’m watching rain drizzle down through the wooden slats of my new blind. Which can only mean one thing…

The bedroom is finished.

Well, almost.

We still have carpets to get and a new light is being fitted next week, fingers crossed. We desperately need some cushions for the bed. We have one more piece of skirting board to fit but since we’ve now moved on to the bathroom we’ve taken a little recess from sticking the skirting board up and will return to do so when the bathroom has been plastered. Aside from all that I think I can show you.

So I’ll start by saying my inspiration for the bedroom was this.

It was designed by Sophie Robinson for a DIY SOS Big Build and as soon as I saw it, I loved it. I loved the colours, the patterns, the four poster bed which I have always dreamed of.

So I did some research on the wallpaper, which really is what made me fall in love with the room in the first place.

As it turns out it’s by Timorous Beasties and whilst it is incredibly gorgeous it is more money than quite frankly is reasonable, especially in this budget central house.

After an exhaustive search into finding just the right wallpaper I found this.

At £16.99 a roll from Homebase, it’s considerably cheaper (by literally, hundreds of pounds) but actually nothing like what I wanted. However, I was drawing up a bit of a blank everywhere else – there was nothing that even compared to the Timorous Beasties wallpaper which possibly explains the pricing of it.

The more I looked at my Homebase wallpaper the more I began to design around it in my head. Despite the fact that almost the day before putting it on the wall I was still looking for something else (probably wasn’t the best sign) I bit the bullet and went with it anyway.

And boy oh boy, I’m glad I did.

Yes, it nearly broke down my relationship trying to hang it. Yes the pattern was difficult to match.  Yes at one point, I cut it too short and got blamed for almost ruining the aesthetic of the whole room (Dramatic much?). But who cares, it looks fabulous now and perhaps the other half and I were just warming up for the couple building exercise that is building Ikea furniture.

With my handmade wall hanging (that you can read about here) and the handmade headboard, it looks super. A bit busy, but I don’t really mind that…

I know leaves aren’t everyones idea of calming decor, but I was feeling quite zen in my jungle room. At one with nature perhaps, which is unusual because anyone that knows me will tell you I am certainly  not at one with nature, at all – so it’s nice I can feel outdoorsy from the comfort of my own bed.

The rest of the room we painted in a sort of off white colour, apart from one tiny wall in the alcove which is…wait for it…green!

The paint for the whole room, I got from a reclaimed paint shop called Seagulls for a grand total of £19.20 – how fantastic is that?! The poor bloke really should have charged me more for my indecision and the 20 minutes of paint mixing that it took him to get my perfect shade of green (No, more olive…No it needs to be darker…Actually, I don’t think it’s green enough do you?). It was a totally perfect shade of green in the end.

Here is the shop – look how exciting.

Once all the paint was on the walls it was time to get the skirting board on. Which we’ve painted black. Go on, make the face.

You know the one I mean, that slight grimace and a squint and you say “Black? Are you sure?”. Well, yes I am sure – “Trust me I’m a designer now (haha!)” I’ll say to you and then I’ll put my black skirting board up and sit there smugly whilst you tells me it looks quite good actually.

The window needed dressing, and we had some wood left over from the headboard so that became a kind of pelmet thingumabob, which sounds bizarre but actually I think it adds to the zen. It puts the room somewhere between modern and rustic which I don’t think is a bad combination. We also added a simple white wooden venetian blind with 50mm slats, also from Homebase. We like it so much we might get some more for all the house, and at £50 a piece you can’t really go wrong.

Finally it was the part we’d been putting off. Building the chest of drawers for the alcove.

I’d picked the 8 drawer Hemnes dresser from Ikea – I love Ikea. It was chosen partly because I have always liked these drawers and partly because Dad already had an enormous matching mirror.

There used to be a built in wardrobe in this alcove, but I needed drawer space and we will  have to hang our clothes in the wardrobe in the spare room. Unfortunately, we were limited on space and honestly this room ain’t big enough for the both of them.

To build the drawers took us at least one bottle of prosecco, an intense discussion about how much we’d be alienating our neighbours at 11pm and one early start the next morning, but now they’re in it was worth it.

I accessorised with some Ikea lamps, a mirror from Sainsburys of all places (their homeware isn’t bad at all), a pretty jewellery box – which was a gorgeous gift, some perfect candle votives from B&Q and my favourite – a green onyx lighter and ashtray that I picked up from a market in Essex for £15.

Lastly I hung all our frames above it and now I cannot stop staring at this wall.

I just love love love it.

The enormous mirror went directly opposite the wall so it reflects it perfectly and actually once we put the mirror in, we really saw the room come together.

Our bedside lights are from Clas Ohlson and are fixed to the headboard freeing up some much needed space around the bed.

My bedside table currently is from Ikea (I know, you’ve almost fallen over with shock haven’t you), but it’s actually the steps we used whilst decorating the room, it was my dad’s, it’s covered in paint from all our hard work and I think it’s just a nice reminder of what we’re doing here.

I have to say I adore this room, it’s cosy and when it’s completely finished I’m sure I’ll love it even more.  I almost don’t even mind it looks nothing like Sophie Robinson’s room. It also doesn’t feel like I’m sleeping in my Dad’s old room, which I guess is what I needed. It feels like ours now, but of course when I think hard enough I can still imagine as a kid, crawling into bed on a Sunday morning to watch Saved By the Bell with him and that’s enough of a memory for me.


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