Quick Makes: Headboard Schmedboard

Since we are still putting in the new bathroom (who’d have thought it would take so long?) I thought I’d show you today how I made my new headboard.

I have to say, apart from the green wall that I cannot stop staring at, this might be my favourite part of the bedroom.

As with lots of the things I make, I saw it on Instagram, it was a video and it made it look soo easy – which actually it was.




  • timber for the slats of the headboard
  • timber legs
  • heavy-duty wood screws
  • drill
  • wood stain

Total cost: £42       Total time: 3 hours (ish)

I started by taking a trip to the timber merchant which is much cheaper than your average DIY store.

You will need some long lengths of pine wood, I could tell you the width of them, but it would involve me going upstairs and measuring it as any helpful blogger would – unfortunately, you’re reading my blog so I’ll give you a rough estimate of about 10 – 15cm.

It’s really up to you though dependent on how wide you want your slats to be and how high you want your headboard. I used about 5 pieces of wood for the whole height of it.


As we were having a double bed, the headboard needed to be 137cm minimum, however I asked the lovely fellas at the timber merchant to cut it for me to 143cm to give myself some room on either side. Since I’ve only used a saw once in my life, with great difficulty,  if I’d have cut it myself fixing the headboard together would have been more akin to a game of extreme Jenga, in which I would most likely lose having been knocked out by a large piece of timber.

Once I got the wood home I decided to distress it a little so it didn’t look to shiny new – but this step is up to you. Upon the advice of my clever stepdad I bashed it up with a hammer. You can also drag a chain a long the wood to scratch it for extra rustic-ness or just be fairly ruthless with the hammer. You’ll want to make sure your neighbours are out for this step.

Next, stain your wood.

It took me dayyyysss to find the perfect wood stain (may I tell you, that my laptop keeps trying to autocorrect wood stain to woodsman – as if I frequently write about a woodsman…he’s not even a central character in my Little Red Riding Hood fan fiction).

I quickly realised there is no such thing as the perfect wood stain, because they all look the same on the tin, but I did feel as long as it was suitable for interior use it would be ok.

In the end I went for a colour called “jacobean oak”. I was a little disappointed when I sampled it on a small piece of wood. Even when I put a couple of coats on, it was still coming out like a pale shiny varnished pine colour. Luckily my other half just shook the tin for me and it was a much better colour then. Clever, eh? Don’t forget this step.

I sloshed on the wood stain and let it dry. Then it was time to put the headboard together.

You’ll need two strong lengths of timber to make the legs (4 x 2) so that it doesn’t wobble over. This part was the easiest part because I didn’t do any of it. So you’ll need a helper who you can tell to assemble the headboard whilst you make a cup of tea and put your feet up.

But if you are insistent on doing it yourself – you’ll need to measure exactly each piece of wood in from the outside (I think we went 13cm in and 7cm up) because this is where you’ll attach your legs to the headboard. For good measure we screwed a diagonal piece of the 4 x 2 to the back of the board for extra stability.


Lastly it was time to put some lights on. You don’t have to do this step but if you want to, the original instagram post had holes drilled and lights put though, however, I got these from Clas Ohlsen, so I just had to screw the brackets to the headboard and hang the lights on it.

All in all, it was a relatively easy and cheap project which ends in a super sturdy and fantastically handmade headboard.



See you next time!


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