60 Minute Makeover


I’ve just realised I haven’t blogged in nearly a month. That’s outrageous. I can tell by the influx of messages I’ve had, that you’re all wondering where on earth I have gone!?*

Well let me tell you.

Papilow home is in full swing, I’ve been doing a few christmas markets, and several custom orders which has been lovely. It’s so pleasant making gifts and cards for you all that I got completely carried away and haven’t so much as picked up a paintbrush for the house.

The last time I blogged I talked about our four legged friend and his foray into decorating a house, so as much as I’d love to tell you about all the Christmas markets – and I’m sure I will soon – first, let’s pick up where we left off, in the guest bedroom.

The guest bedroom used to be my room. As I would still come see my dad on weekends, that’s where I would stay. It hadn’t been decorated since Dad first moved into the house in 1995. Now my dad had asked me many times if we should decorate and even when I was 26 and coming to visit my dad once a month or so, I would still request that my childhood bedroom be left as it was. From this, you may understand the enormity of renovating this house for me now. I absolutely hate change. It makes me nostalgic and actually just feel a bit sad when I change things – probably not very healthy I know (My mum once got a new kitchen door and it threw me – for about a week, I still remember the old red one that I didn’t even know I liked until it went.) So yes, not only do I hate change but so much so, that I clung on to my childhood bedroom fiercely. Until now.

For me, this house has to change. I’ve lost my dad but just because I’m changing the house, I’ve come to realise that actually it doesn’t make a difference if I change it. I won’t feel his loss any less and keeping it all the same like some kind of twisted Miss Haversham won’t bring him back into it. At the risk of sounding all cliché, I know he’s here anyway and I hope he likes the changes I am finally making.

As I peeled off the yellow wallpaper, I studied it as if it were a test, trying to commit it to memory so I could remember exactly how it was and all the feeling and emotion around it.

The other half, meanwhile, just took a photo so we knew how it used to look. Probably easier and less dramatic don’t you think?

We were attempting to keep the old wardrobe but it kind of fell apart as we dismantled it and ended up chucking it anyway.

Then to add to the chaos, we knocked the wall down. I may have already mentioned, we knocked through into the box room about half a metre and wowzers it opened the space right up! This room looked huge! I was so excited I forgot all about my yellow haven because just look at all this space!


Over the next few days it was a combined effort, to painstakingly plaster the walls and cover over the artex ceiling. The other half did the majority of the work if I’m honest but I did help out where I could! As we were both working, it had to be an evening job over the course of a week, the room would be plastered on a night and left to dry. As it was dark by the time we started plastering, we had to invest in a halogen lamp. Not only was it brighter than the sun but sooooo warm. Tropical. In fact so warm that one day I left my pizza dough to prove in there and it did a marvellous job.

Then a couple of days later, once the plaster had dried, I would scrape it down and put a first layer of paint on it. I’ve learnt from this that I don’t like painting ceilings and quite frankly, I won’t be doing it again.

All too soon it was Friday night, and I had the in-laws coming on Saturday morning. Yikes! The final wall had only just dried and it was full steam ahead.

We gave the room 2 coats of Dulux Soft Walnut – a lovely shade of cream. Saying that, It nearly went back to home base because a test patch made it look purple. Turns out it was just bad lighting and the effects of the green patch of wall we painted it on (under the yellow, lurked a mucky mint green, yuk). The skirting was painted in “Rich black”, again Dulux, and we had it mixed in Satinwood. We also had a giant hole in the wall that we had used as an access panel to fit the shower. In case we ever needed to get back into it, rather than filling the hole we just screwed some plasterboard up and decided to hide it behind the new wardrobe.

At this point, we probably could have assembled the bed and left it as it was – because as long as the in-laws have room to sleep that’s ok yes?


So at about midnight we set about with the fine design details. I painted some strips of  wide beading in the same colour as the wall. This was to make a frame for the wallpaper.

The wallpaper had been given to me by mum and I really wanted to use it, but we only had one roll. Therefore in the early hours of the morning, out the wallpaper table came and we filled the beaded frame.

By about 2am the other half had had enough, and rightly so. I stayed up til 3, assembling a bedside table.

At 6am the next day, we got up and bleary eyed and grumpy had several arguments over assembling the bed. We also put up the customary wooden pelmet to match the one in our bedroom and some curtains, you know, for consistency.

We put a picture shelf above the bed to house a mirror and many frames, including the happily ever after one, soon to be available on my Etsy shop – just saying and I thew a yellow cushion on the bed, which I made from some beautiful linen fabric.



Next up went a rather large picture of a bird, that I had painted myself. I saw one similar in TK Maxx but I didn’t like the frame and didn’t want to spend 50 quid on it – so in true  “I can do that” style I dug out a canvas and some paint and off I went. I quite like how it turned out but I think it was a fluke. I couldn’t do it again if I tried.


Also some small hanging metal frames from Matalan, I just love these. In one, I have a small heart, which I kind of drew on a whim and then I liked it so much I turned it into a fabric for some cushions. In the other one I found some old art paper of my Nanna’s that she had done some colour testing on and I loved it, so I framed it.

The room at this point had come together quite nicely, but to me it felt cold. It almost felt like it had a bit of a Japanese style to it. Which sometimes I quite like, but it wasn’t fitting in with my house. It needed warming up.

The next week we bought a wardrobe, and had an almighty problem building it (wait for the blog post on this) and got some carpets fitted.


Finally I added a big black and gold lamp shade, a soft velvety throw from Asda(!) and some sparkly twigs in the corner.


I like it much better now, but not as much as the dog who thinks it’s his room.


until next time


*That was a joke, not one of you has messaged me to ask where my blog has gone. Thanks.




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