Snow far Snow good

In case you missed it, it’s been snowing.

As I write this, I’m sat looking at my snow covered garden in my pyjamas at 12.43 on a Thursday afternoon.  Due to yet another unwelcome snow storm this morning, I am working from home again, obviously the main benefit of which, is being able to wear my pyjamas at 12.43. Other benefits include…well I’m not sure because I’m getting a bit cabin fevery now.

yassss pyjama day

Yes, this past week we have been subjected to the terrifying BEAST FROM THE EAST.  Or in other words a snow storm from Siberia. Oooh it was bad though. Last week nearly every school in the area closed  – in my day (good God I’m old) there was no such thing as a snow day. A bit of snow was  not to get in the way of the proper education of proper Northern children. Though we might have been subjected more to “a bit of a chill from Scarborough” than an actual Beast from the East.

for your information…


Of course it’s not just schools that were affected but just about everyone else – including the pub. The actual pub was shut for snow.  I knew then that we were in real trouble, we never shut the pub.

Cars were slipping down the roads like an olympic curling match, supermarket shelves were empty, and my house was not being decorated.

Because quite frankly no one wants to go get paint supplies or plaster for the ceiling in the snow. No the snow is for curling up in front of the fire and waiting for it to stop. I’m aware that some people like to play in the snow. I do not. I don’t like to make snowmen or sledge or throw solid spheres of compacted wetness at each other. Give me a hot chocolate and a fire any day.

In fact it really got me thinking, that it is quite a problem for me that my house doesn’t have  fire. What are you meant to get cosy by? I’ve put it on my list of “Things I will look for in my new house”.

Speaking of “Things I will look for in my new house”, I must keep this list nice and safe firstly, to give to the estate agent but also, because  in my Cabin fevered snow clogged brain, I decided to apply for a TV show. I might be famous yet.

Other stupid things I’ve done in the snow include, but are not limited to, almost travelling for an hour to get to a craft fair that I was selling at. In the end I decided against it. Thankfully. It might have been a lovely day but I didn’t fancy getting stuck in the snow, or worse no one turning up because everyone else got stuck in the snow.

And then today I decide to make a snow whale. ‘Whats a snow whale?” I hear you ask.

Well, I’ll tell you.

A snow whale is when you decide to unsuccessfully try get to work in the snow and go to clear the snow off your car with a broom. As you carry the broom back into the house you drop your scarf on the drive. As you pick up your scarf you then realise that you have both hands full and are in no way prepared for falling right over in a large patch of snow, with no hands to put out for support. A true snow whale will leave an ambiguous freeform shape in the snow, that flattens down to just ice and looks like a large blob has painfully fallen upon it. Which in fact it had.  I estimate that the bruising will come out tomorrow.

So the plan for this weekend is to get that ceiling patched, and the wall paper removed from the hall and maybe finally grout the bathroom (God, aren’t you sick of hearing about that) and then we can paint it and then I’ll be able to show you some lovely after pictures and thennnn you can come with me on a house buying journey. Wow what a year this is going to be.

If only the bloody snow would stop.

*Not actual Siberia




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