Groundhog day

Oooh I’m sorry. I’ve been a bit useless haven’t I? 

In all honesty not that much has been happening with the house hence, the lack of blogging. I also seem to have had a bit of writers block and not entirely sure where to start this one. But I’ll start at the very beginning – here’s a quick update.

Cast your mind back to the summer – yes I know, we did have one last year, I’m not too optimistic for 2018 – and you’ll remember me almost pulling my hair out over stripping wallpaper. My wonderful, DIY Dad had somehow stuck this to the wall, covered it with paint  and sealed with super glue. 

Fast forward a few months, and I accosted a plumber in ToolStation,

I was also followed around everywhere by a rather large dog,

I was running around B&Q like a lunatic.

Life was plodding along nicely, then it all went a bit wonky.

And I appear to have trapped myself in a time loop, in which I seem to be doing it all over again, with a few minor differences.

The house is looking pretty glum at the moment as we’ve hired another skip and cleared everything out of the downstairs ready to decorate. It’s dark and cold and miserable. I then decided I needed to strip the wallpaper from the stairs and landing so that could also be ready to decorate. Without going into too much detail the existing wallpaper I think was put up when Dad first bought the house in 1995 – I don’t know how to describe the pattern other than ‘spongy shells’, so make of that what you will. However, once again it had been painted over and sealed with superglue several times. Obviously I couldn’t find the wallpaper stripper/steamer thing so it was back to wet water and effectively a chisel. My super mum came to help me and my actual DIY expert Stepdad came too. Whilst he filled the holes in the walls and the ceilings, mum and I got to work on the wallpaper. We managed to scrape a bit off, it took us all day and I think Royal Mail sell bigger postage stamps.  

So with our will to live well and truly lost, I decided to employ a decorator. Now most people would harness the useful powers of Google, or I don’t know, the yellow pages. Not me. I find workmen the only way I know how…I run at them when they least expect it.

As I was leaving my good pal Jasmine’s house (Hi mate) I saw one, a decorator – he had a van that said DECORATOR on the side. I should mention that at this point I was driving up the street and had mum on handsfree in the car. Sorry mum, don’t have time to hang up, I need to get this man! So I skidded to a halt, yanked the handbrake up and legged it – leaving mum on the phone stood in the middle of the supermarket wondering where her daughter had just so urgently gone to. The poor decorator had clearly just got home for his dinner, with his lovely toddler in his arms and desperate to get off the door step, yet here was this madwoman coming up his drive with clearly no boundaries at all. No wonder he looked nervous. He looked only marginally less relieved when I explained what I needed, nevertheless he gave me a card and now I have a decorator coming on Friday.

So the decorator is doing all of the stripping, and filling and painting which I could do but if I’m honest, I’ve kind of lost my enthusiasm. I KNOW, it’s not an appropriate time to lose enthusiasm but I’d rather just get someone else to deal with all the DIY, and as usual I’ll come in at the end and put “the look” together.  Today it really hit me how much I dislike DIY at the moment, I went to Homebase. I used to love Homebase and B&Q and all of them, but walking round today I just felt a bit deflated. I felt like my house wasn’t my home anymore and I didn’t have much to be excited about. I’ve kind of let go of the house in my mind, it was a previous chapter of a book that is well and truly closed. The first time I went to B&Q after the break up, I felt so sad at the loss of what we were doing I sobbed hysterically. Today, I felt sad about it so I just snaffled my emergency chocolate bar, that I keep in my car, before I even turned the engine on. I think that’s called progress though. 

Maybe just maybe, once it’s all painted through I’ll feel even better and fingers crossed it sells quickly on the market. Will I feel sad once it sells? Honestly, I don’t know but I’m going to do it anyway. 

In other news the puppy is doing well, and he’s following me around even in the shower. Apparently it’s a dog thing. He’s honestly such a babe though, he’s my favourite person in the world and the light of my life and I don’t even care what you think, he is my child and I love my son. To prove it, here are some gratuitous puppy pics.


Until next time


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