the times are a’changing

IMG_6296Ooh lots of change this week. Mainly, the sun is out! Huzzah! I’m going to a bbq this afternoon in celebration of the temperature increase however, I have a bad feeling the rain is coming (because the weather report tells me so) and if it does I’m going to be quite heartbroken. I’ve made an executive decision though, that I will not be deterred from sitting outside in a camp chair with a beer and a burger. The only way I’m off inside is if Noah shows up with his Ark. 

The puppy is doing well, we’ve had a week at my pal’s house in which he has bonded with her border collie Crash. They’re BFFs. Despite the fact that Crash is 800% bigger than the puppy, they get along famously. The pup jumps up at the big dog, the big dog lays on his head. I mean, I’ve already got a dog with prospective breathing difficulties, I’m not sure a face full of border collie fur is quite appropriate but the gremlin doesn’t seem to mind. He’s just pleased to have a pal – aren’t we all.


In terms of Papilow, expect lots of changes. I have really been enjoying the work I’ve been doing so far but I was made to think about what I actually wanted to do this week and it turns out I want to get into wedding stationery. I don’t know what it is about weddings. I mean I’m not even crazy about the idea of marriage, and quite frankly if Noah did show up with his Ark, my plus one to the ‘two by two’ theme would be the dog. But I just love wedding things – I think it’s the flowers and the beautiful rooms and the gorgeous dresses – I think what it is, is that I want to be a Disney princess. Since I’m now too old (and too many dress sizes up) to be a princess at Disney world, I think brides are the closest thing. I can’t really explain it – but I love the idea of being able to have a part in creating that beautiful wedding decor and what better way to set the theme of a wedding than with the invites you send out? So I’m working on some designs, and I had a super meeting where I was given a giant book of paper and I find myself flicking through every page and not in a long time has a book brought me such joy. I feel quite emotional. 



So that, as with just about everything, is a work in progress. Keep posted to see how that one turns out.

Finally, my wonderful decorators have been in this week. Ryan and his dad Russell, have been super and the house looks amazing. Initially they were told magnolia paint for downstairs. Mainly because we just thought neutral. Then Russ rang me up and suggested a beautiful pale grey – just a whisper of colour. And it seemed to whisper to me that I needed to come to my senses and who even uses magnolia anymore? I know I’m too old to be a princess but I’m not that bloody old I need to paint my house magnolia. It’s quite an old fashioned colour isn’t it (apologies if all you magnolia house lovers are sat out there).

So you get the idea, the house is not magnolia. In fact I’m slightly amazed that the decorators haven’t run away screaming. They probably should have got the warning signs that I was a bit mental when I accosted Ryan outside his house, but they came and did the job, despite my indecisiveness about paint, my inability to purchase actual skirting board (that isn’t architrave, or the wrong size, or too short) and just my general turning up talking rubbish to them when they’re trying to get on with work.

Here’s a picture of Ryan, looking as happy as larry. He’s smiling but I think theres some internal screaming going on. He’s probably desperate to get on with the job, so he can leave, never see me again and not have to pose for ridiculous pictures for the 8 people that read my blog. Little does he know I’ll be calling them up for my next house. mwahahaa.


Right I think that’s all I have to tell you. I’m off to enjoy the sun

 Until next time!




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