The life changing magic of…

Firstly, this weekly blog is going well isn’t it?  Maybe once a month is a more realistic schedule especially when nothing much exciting is going on at the house. More on that later.

Secondly, I downloaded a book today. It’s called “The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A F****”.  by Sarah Knight.  Why did I download it you ask? I’ll tell you. It’s because I’ve seemingly run out of F****s to give.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 16.39.20

With everything that has happened in the last year or so, it’s made me re-evaluate my priorities and since I’m a self-confessed 20-something grandma anyway, I’ve now come full circle and I’ve decided that as I head into my thirties, it’s about time I let go of the things that don’t bring me joy.

The book is actually based off another book – something about decluttering your house. The idea here is that you hold your possessions and if they do not bring you joy you throw them away.

Ok, so I’m actually a bit of a hoarder. Forever keeping clothes that I’ll “slim into” – I won’t.  or keeping things incase they “come in handy” – they never do, and keeping things I’ll never use but that are “memories” – ok these ones are nice to keep but perhaps a selective memory might be more useful.

Now I’ve finally decided to let go of the house – not that I didn’t give a f*** about it, it was just all the joy had gone – it was time to deal with the contents. I’ve held a lot of things in my hands, just to see, over the past couple of weeks and the number of things which brought me joy was actually a lot less than I thought.

Out went the clothes I was slimming in to – because let’s face it, I’ve not been a size 10 since I was 10 and 18 years later it’s not going to happen again is it?

Let’s dwell on this for a moment -because here is a F***  I no longer give. Yes I’d like to be a bit slimmer – mainly in my face because when I carry all my weight there I look like Kim Jong Un a bit, and then when I get a tan it’s like he’s actually had that love child with Donald Trump. So there is still some vanity left in me but I’ve come to accept that I’m never going to be skinny skinny – Fine. And why? Because Kate Moss was wrong; lots of things taste better than skinny feels…like lasagne and garlic bread and dairy milk…and mayonnaise.

Out went lots of the household objects I didn’t need, decorations and boxes and candles – I kept some new vases that I had bought because when I held them, they really did bring me joy – smoked grey glass and gold ….ooooooh. But then there was a lot I just got rid of – bye clutter, in the words of Dua Lipa…IDGAF.

FullSizeRender 5

The hardest thing to get rid of was the memories – mainly because most of them were my Dad’s and there’s still an awful lot to go through of his – clearly I still care way too much about his material possessions but it’s  a connection, ya know? I did manage to get rid of a lot of the kitchen stuff though, plates and glasses and so on – I just don’t need them, sorry Dad. I did however keep a couple of frying pans and a gravy boat (I used to play with it when I was little and imagine it was Aladdin’s magic lamp – how tragic). I think I’m always going to be the girl that saves ticket stubs and cinema tickets and trinkets and, books even though I’ve read them 40 times. Can’t help it.

Now I’ve started to declutter my house a little, I’m moving on to the rest of my life. On the TV the other day, they were asking what little things annoy you. I tried to think and appeared to have some kind of brainstorm and gave myself a headache. From this you’d think that I was all sunshine and light and nothing annoys me. WRONG. There are just too many things that irritate me, I couldn’t get them in any kind of order.

I’ve started to compile a list:

  • loud music
  • grime music (Sorry about it)
  • people that close their eyes when they eat to convey how delicious it is
  • crop tops
  • wasps
  • People that eat loudly
  • people that steal your jokes
  • people that interrupt you mid-sentence
  • people

The list goes on…

Things I do like however:

  • my dog
  • BBQ’s
  • sunshine
  • Smoked glass and gold vases.

See, there are some things.

So I’m having an overhaul. I’ve stopped drinking pretty much because hangovers are not worth it, I absolutely refuse to get Tinder because, I hate dating – I hate small talk and I hate strangers. I’m not off to go find “the one”, they can come and find me.

I’m going to leave the group chats I don’t care about and I’m going to stop pretending I’m interested in things I’m just not. Whilst this all sounds particularly selfish, I do have to wonder what is the point? Is anyone else as bothered? Instead I’m going to read the books I want to, listen to the music I like at the volume I like, swap clubs and bars for great restaurants and not worry that I’m not a size 10.  I have friends that support me  and I support them equally, because we are equally as great as each other. I have a hilarious and loving family, I have opportunities to build myself a truly super life, thanks to my Dad. I can do it here, and fill a new house with beautiful things or If I want to go live in Italy I can do it, and eat pasta and wine and be thankful my Dad gave me that option too. I can keep working and being creative and I have my gorgeous, iggle piggle puppy. These are the things that bring me joy.

So what else does a girl need?

Not much really




2 Replies to “The life changing magic of…”

  1. Leaving or ignoring group chats I didn’t care about was one of the best things I’ve done. They were an annoyance I didn’t want anymore. I also liked the line “I’m not off to go find “the one”, they can come and find me.” Haha got a good laugh there, preach!

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